Asset Recovery of Motorbike for a Security Provider in East Africa

Using In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) and vehicle tracking to find and recover a stolen motorbike in 3 days.

A client in East Africa has an active fleet with more than 250 IVMS devices installed across various vehicle makes, models and types (including motorbikes). The client conducts its primary monitoring across various projects of different scales in multiple regions and uses Sicuro Technology for 24/7 technical assistance and additional monitoring redundancy for additional business continuity.

Day 1: 2:00 pm

Sicuro Technology received a WhatsApp request from the client’s watchkeeper stating that the client had realized one of its motorbike assets had been stolen.

The on-duty Systems Engineer was able to immediately interrogate the IVMS device fitted to the motorbike and establish that not only had it been offline for the last 18 hours but had been physically removed from the location of the last position report. This timing information would later help the client with its investigation into when and how the motorbike was stolen.

Our Systems Engineer created a new protocol on the IVMS platform to immediately alert the Global Assistance Center as soon as the motorbike’s ignition was started, and the device was back online. The new protocol was sent over-the-air and activated remotely by the assistance team in Dubai.

A second protocol was put in place with the client watchkeeper for which client members of staff were to be alerted when the motorbike was used again and how the information was to be disseminated to them.

Day 2: 10:00 pm

An alert sounded in the Global Assistance Center, the on-duty engineer identified that it was the stolen motorbike and contacted the client’s assigned Point of Contact (PoC). As the designated PoC was outside of cellphone coverage, the engineering team cascaded the relevant information to the other pre-determined members of the client’s management team.

The client had involved local authorities and asked Sicuro Technology to monitor the motorbike’s location and short-term pattern of use. The pattern of use was established over the following eleven hours. This enabled the client, with local authorities, to best identify the location and time at which to recover the motorbike.

Day 3: 9:36 am

The information provided by Sicuro Technology afforded the client the highest chance of successfully recovering the asset. On the morning of Day 3, Sicuro received message from the client Fleet Manager confirming the task was complete and the motorbike was recovered safely.

Asset Recovery and Loss Prevention

In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) enabled the client to catch the theft of the bike early and the expertise and experience of the Sicuro Technology Operations Team allowed them to re-activate the GPS tracking device. Being able to monitor a stolen vehicle or asset hugely increases the chance of recovery and in this case, saved the client USD 9,740 in replacement costs.

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