Your secure end-to-end personnel, asset and vehicle tracking and management platform.

vehicle tracking software

What is SicuroTrack™

A secure and incredibly versatile personnel and vehicle management platform designed for large, complex organizations.



View the location, status and performance of all vehicles and personnel in real-time.



Immediately connect and communicate with drivers, managers and staff on-the-ground to address and resolve problems quickly.


Health & Safety

Reduce the risk of collisions, upgrade health and safety, and improve driver behavior.



Full access to hundreds of customizable reports, graphs and tables.

More than a platform​

We don’t just provide an off-the-shelf device and platform. We deliver an entire tailor-made solution.​

Expert Solution Design

A suitable device, additional sensors and software.

Comprehensive Testing

Tested by internationally board-certified engineers.

In-Country Installation

We bring the equipment, expertise and manpower.

Training and Support

Training, online tutorials and 24/7 technical support.

Dedicated Management

Access to our senior management for consultation.

Service Optimization

We make sure you get the most from your solution.

Key Features of SicuroTrack™

vehicle tracking software

Live Location Tracking

View the live location of staff, cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, motorbikes, and any other mobile asset to gain complete operational visibility at any one time.

Real-time Alerts

Set real-time alerts trigger for any tracked event on the platform. Key alerts including speeding, crash alerts, harsh braking, entry and exit notifications, route deviations and panic alerts.

vehicle tracking software
vehicle tracking software

Routes and Geofence Features

Build and customize your areas of operation with a selection of tools that will enhance monitoring and operations.  

The platform of choice

256-bit secure web-based personnel and fleet management platform.

SicuroTrack™ is approved for use by government authorities, the United Nations, major oil and gas operators and the majority of security providers.

Accessible via 2-factor authentication login from any desktop, smartphone and tablet.

vehicle tracking software

Device compatibility

SicuroTrack™ is compatible with more than 2,500 device types. 

The platform effectively operates with Sicuro Technology’s recommended hardware, existing hardware and additional IoT sensors.

Manage cellular, satellite, and dual-mode tracking devices to monitor personnel, assets and vehicles on the same screen.

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