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Are you ready to build communication resilience and start using satellite and radio communications in your business?

How do you communicate with your team members on a day to day basis? In our increasingly technical world, the answer is probably via email, mobile phone or an internet based communication platform.

But what happens when an emergency occurs and the internet is offline? How can you reach your team with crucial information in a remote location? Or what to do if your team does not have the hardware or infrastructure available during a natural disaster? Our current communications start to seem fragile, and it’s clear that businesses facing emergencies need to improve communication resilience.

Satellite and radio communications have become a vital component of many emergency plans across the world. Businesses need to have a plan for how to continue functioning once an emergency happens and having robust communication practices in place that include radio systems and satellite communications can allow for business continuity.

Why does your organization need different communication tools?

It may seem sufficient in the office to rely on internet based communication systems, but the reality is that these methods of communication cannot be counted on in an emergency, or in remote environments.

With team members spread across the globe, it’s likely that your business has already experienced network outages, connection issues and infrastructure challenges. For businesses which serve remote sites, or must travel between locations, having regular communication between teams can also be difficult. It’s not enough to rely on email or phone lines when that is not possible.

Having alternative forms of communication opens up different possibilities for staying in touch with your teams. Radio systems and satellite communications allow you to communicate even without what is considered normal infrastructure for GSM networks.

Communication is paramount. Keeping in touch with your teams is a part of your duty of care to them. Making sure that no one in your organization misses a crucial message that is likely to impact them is fundamental in ensuring their safety, and having a robust radio and satellite communication system in place is a great way to minimize risks and get the message in front of the right people.

The benefits of satellite and radio communications

The principal benefits of using satellite and radio communication systems in your business are the increased network reliability and large geographical coverage, plus the reduced costs associated with more reliable communications.

Having a team dispersed around the world, and working in remote locations with limited infrastructure, causes problems when implementing a reliable business communication system. With limited or no phone signal coverage, problems with reliable internet connection and a lack of guaranteed data coverage, communications in rural locations can be tricky. These problems are exacerbated when working in low infrastructure countries where your teams may be at heightened risk of danger.

Not to mention the business costs associated with lack of communications. The ability to communicate in areas no matter the location or cell coverage is key to keeping operations functioning. Imagine sending your team out, and not knowing their location or how their work is progressing. They may need tools, help or support which will be delayed solely due to a lack in communication. This cost is easily resolved, though, by ensuring your team has access to satellite and radio communication systems.

By implementing a diverse communication strategy to include satellite and radio comms, these costs are hugely reduced. With more efficient communication, you can place your resources where they’re needed most. Your team is supported and your projects are more likely to be successful. Even in remote and tricky locations where your competitors will struggle, having a radio and satellite communication system will put your business ahead of the curve.

With a robust satellite communication plan, your team can be reached from anywhere. By using satellite technology, your business no longer needs to rely on local infrastructure. They can get access to high quality messages and data wherever they are on the planet. With radio communications, your team can do the same – hear from and stay in contact with those who need it.

Sicuro Technology solutions

We know communication in your business is vital. That’s why we engineer tailor-made communication solutions for your organization.

Our expert team of solution designers and certified, on-site engineers are there to design a solution that fits radio and satellite communications into your existing communication plan. We work to expand your reach and design, supply and install a range of simple to complex radio, satellite and broadband systems.

Engineer on ground

We listen to your team and their problems, working with them to install a solution that works. Our solutions include the full scope of HF, UHF & VHF radio systems, plus satellite technology. We use specialist software to enhance voice quality and give fully integrated voice and data communication to your team. Our solutions also include satellite voice, data, push-to-talk and broadband systems to make sure all of your requirements are met.

Finally, our industry-leading experience means that we’re the best provider for large or small installations. We offer built-to-scale communication systems from the smallest teams right up to those complex inter-city projects.

Are you ready to build communication resilience and start using satellite and radio communications in your business? Contact our friendly team at Sicuro Technology today for your free consultation. We are so happy to help.

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