Enhanced communications leading to cost-effective safety in Nigeria

An International Humanitarian Organization with operations throughout Nigeria had a challenge of poor communication, particularly for its North-Eastern Nigeria teams. Sicuro Technology provided the organisation with a satellite-based push to talk solution, spanning 300,000km sq operational area and creating a reliable communication channel.

An International Humanitarian Organization with operations throughout Nigeria provides life-saving assistance and protection to vulnerable, conflict-affected populations. The organisation focuses on North Eastern Nigeria, including Abuja, Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa states. Humanitarian teams help communities reduce armed violence, providing medical aid, food security, protection, shelter, and water sanitation and hygiene services. Operations remain challenging in North Eastern Nigeria, as the ongoing conflict impedes access for the humanitarian team and risks teams’ personal safety.


•  Communicating between different individuals operating in the field

•  Cross-territory communication was impossible

•  No emergency communication means with the group’s central operations

Poor communication was a critical cause for concern, given the security threats to the area. Being the more dangerous region of Nigeria, the North East sees some civilian targetted attacks occur, such as kidnap for ransom and targetted attacks, although more common incidents include militant attacks, armed clashes and government security/ militant conflict. Being able to communicate reliably in this situation is critical.  

The Solution

Sicuro Technology provided the humanitarian organization with a satellite-based push to talk solution. Based on a walkie-talkie type system, the satellite-based handsets provide effective communication means between teams and field locations within a 300,000km sq area, using Iridium’s global satellite network.

The Results

•  The communications system is simple for the humanitarian team to operate and highly  cost-effective, particularly for the large area the team works in. 
•  It has created a reliable communication channel for the organization, ultimately increasing their safety and duty of care to employees. 
•  The satellite system has removed the need to rely on the local infrastructure, which can sometimes be unstable. 
•  Teams are now connected on a daily basis and have peace of mind for those emergency security situations. 

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