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Johnny Fenn, a former Brigade of Gurkhas army officer, is now a commercial photographer. Johnny has spent many years in Nepal and now runs photographic adventures in Nepal and across the world.

On 8th January 2023, Johnny will be undertaking a fundraising event wherein he is going to walk the entire span of Nepal (approximately 1,400 miles with over 60 miles of vertical ascent) from west to east, from Baitadi on the far west Indian border with Nepal to the Far eastern Nepal border with India. Johnny will be accompanied by two porters whom he has known for years, eating just simple rice, “dal bhat”, with no meat and just water and tea.

The goal is to accomplish the walk in 112 days. No route is planned for the mission, as Johnny will rely on local knowledge. The walk will conclude in a tiny village called Oyam where the funds raised for the charity will be used towards building a boarding house, library, computer room, and dining room in order to support the remote children to stay at the school and study in safety. Johnny’s walk will conclude with being present at the school site which is scheduled to be opened on 1 May 2023.

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Where is Johnny now?

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Johnny Fenn Nepal Long Walk

The Cause

In addition to Johnny’s fundraising walk, there are also two organizations’ The Gurkha Welfare Trust” and “Hello World”, that operate in Nepal that is supporting the project in Oyam. The funds Johnny raises will be split equally between the two organizations to enable them to continue their amazing work for remote communities in Nepal.

Johnny’s association with Nepal and Gurkhas spans many years, where he has been intimately involved with Gurkha Welfare and, more recently, with Hello World. Their incredible work has inspired Johnny to do more to help.

Hello, World is one of the most capable charities working in Nepal to bring education, through internet providers, to some of the most remote and disadvantaged locations in Nepal. The results it achieves are genuinely outstanding.

For years, the Gurkha Welfare Trust has been the lifeline that allows impoverished ex-Gurkhas to live their lives with dignity. It’s an incredible charity, absolutely bringing real comfort to those in the hills.

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Sicuro Technology supports Johnny Fenn's Nepal Long Walk

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Every penny counts..

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