Monitoring the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain in Africa

Using cargo tracking technology and IoT sensors to monitor speed, location, temperature and lock status throughout the journey.

A client operating in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) across Africa had an issue with late deliveries, unaccounted trips and defective goods upon arrival.

In these kinds of situations, in-vehicle tracking systems (IVMS) and fleet management tools can help companies easily identify any illegal or insubordinate activities affecting the overall fleet job performance.

Cargo Tracking and IoT Sensors

After conducting a trial on a smaller vehicle sample operating in Nigeria, Sicuro supplied a suite of intelligent cargo tracking solutions with integrated IoT sensors. The devices are designed to broadcast asset temperature, location, speed, movement and lock status.

This allowed the FMCG logistics manager to monitor the precise location of all assets at any one time. The device provided visibility on the temperature of the cargo to ensure goods remained unspoiled, the speed and driving behavior of the fleet itself, and whether there were any unforeseen delays or collisions.

Fleet management systems deliver significant efficiencies across all operations when applied correctly. In this case, the fleet manager was able to monitor timekeeping, driver behavior, unnecessary detours, and unapproved breaks.

SicuroFleet™ also provides detailed reporting on fuel consumption, driver performance, journey times, and fleet maintenance schedules.

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