Rapid 14-Day Vehicle Tracking System Installation in Iraq

Successfully transporting, installing and implementing an entire tracking solution in Iraq for 50 vehicles within 14 days during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vehicle GPS tracking Iraq

A new client recently won a flagship project in Southern Iraq, requiring a fleet of 50+ vehicles to be fitted with IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems).

The project mobilization period required:

  • SicuroTrack™ platform training for management staff
  • Daily progress reports
  • Assurance that all required HSE standards were met

Under normal circumstances of four weeks’ notice, unrestricted movement and no national holidays, this would have been a 16-day task conducted three weeks before our client’s project start date. However, at this project’s challenges included:

  • Country-wide lockdown with all civilian movements, logistics operations and vehicle movements restricted.
  • Daily changing curfews, new regulations and difficulty obtaining movement permits.
  • Client vehicles located across 2 different parts of Iraq and distributed over 3 sites.
  • Additions to the client’s fleet resulting in 3rd party involvement. Certain vehicles required de-installation of existing IVMS devices in preparation for the new contractually compliant devices to be fitted.
  • A restrictive budget with a strong remit to avoid incurring any additional costs.
  • Project taking place during Ramadan with reduced working hours.
  • Eid National Holiday falling over the last week of project mobilization.

Day 1 – Project Mobilization

Sicuro Technology receives a call, 14th May, from the client at 18:30 requesting that the 50 IVMS devices are to be installed before Sunday 31st May. Additionally, the prime contractor requested the client have 10 vehicles ready for inspection before Wednesday 20th May. The client mentioned the vehicles were spread across 3 locations and strict lockdowns were in place.

Sicuro’s project team was quick to mobilize and put together a clear and executable plan before midnight the same day.

Day 3 – Logistics & Coordination

Sicuro Technology’s in-country technicians commenced de-installation and installation across two sites. The team coordinated the transportation of 50 vehicles to one site and expanded the engineering team for installation. Then, arranged for the devices and additional equipment to be moved across the country to the new installation site.

Day 7 – 20% of installations completed

IVMS solution and equipment installed and tested for 10 vehicles, ready for the client’s inspection and approval by the prime contractor.

Days 12 (Eid Holiday Period) – 80% of installations completed

Sicuro’s in-country technicians completed a total of 40 IVMS device installations and testing.

Day 14 – 100% of installations completed

Sicuro completes the installation and testing of 50 IVMS devices successfully, ahead of schedule and ready for the client’s project start date.

Sicuro Technology’s experience in delivering critical projects for clients in challenging circumstances was critical to the vendor selection process. The mobilization was delivered within the client’s tight timeline and budget.

Sicuro Technology’s project team ensures the successful delivery of all their projects through comprehensive planning exercises, clear communication and flexibility allowing quick reaction times and guaranteeing the highest level of quality.

We cannot name the client in this case study but when they read this we would like to say thank you to them for their trust in our abilities and that we are ready for the next challenge.

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