Sicuro Technology sets up dedicated server infrastructure for GPS tracking services in Iraq

A dedicated server in Iraq ensures uninterrupted GPS tracking services for Sicuro Technology's clients.

5 September 2022

Sicuro now has dedicated servers based in Iraq to serve its local clients with uninterrupted GPS tracking services. In late June, Iraq’s various authorities amended legislation for GPS tracking in Iraq. The changes now require all tracking providers and operators to host their devices on servers located within Iraq.  

Sicuro has fully operational servers for GPS tracking devices, located in Iraq

Following the announcement, Sicuro worked diligently to set up and commission its servers in Iraq. These servers are fully operational in high-security facilities with the necessary infrastructure for Sicuro to ensure the SicuroTrack™ platform uptime is safeguarded. The decision allows Sicuro to maintain its international service and quality standards, as well as comply with authorities, to ensure all clients using Sicuro in Iraq face uninterrupted tracking and communications services.

In addition to local standards, Sicuro maintains international ISO standards and certification, including ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 27001 for information security management and 23001 for business continuity. 

Sicuro continues to maintain a valid CMC license in Iraq

Sicuro has been operating in Iraq since 2011 and was the first to introduce an IVMS GPS tracking system onto an Iraqi oil concession. It continues to maintain its legal status in Iraq and complies with operating in the region. Local requirements include licencing with the Ministry of Trade, in addition to registration and annual licensing with Iraq’s Communications and Media Commission (CMC).

For further information on the recent changes to GPS tracking legislation in Iraq, or Sicuro’s licensing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 

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