Somalia Vehicle Tracking and In-Transit Visibility Solution

Sicuro Technology provided vehicle tracking and in-transit visibility solutions to a logistics and long-haul trucking company operating across Somalia and Somaliland.

Challenges with logistics in Somalia

Somalia is, for the most, a lawless and dangerous environment in which to operate. There is little to no communications infrastructure outside of the urban centers and GSM vehicle tracking is not an option in the country. This meant the client required an in-transit visibility (ITV) system that operates using satellite networks to ensure the visibility of their client cargo when traveling through the country. 

A secondary consideration was that the trucks were out on the road for weeks at a time and the devices would have to be transferrable between vehicles. This meant the device needed to be a standalone device with a very long battery life.

Proposed In-Transit Visibility Solution

Vehicle Tracking in Somalia provided using the TAM 242, a satellite tracking device.
An image of the TAM 242 device proposed to provide complete In-Transit Visibility and track vehicles by satellite.

Sicuro has provided a range of ITV solutions for clients globally and quickly identified the Honeywell TAM 242 device as perfect for this opportunity. It works using pooled data on the Inmarsat network, the solution would have the coverage and a pool of data to ensure no overages leading to increased cost. The TAM units could be tracked at a rate of 1 location report every 15 minutes for up to 45 days between charges. 

Once a truck returns from the mission, the device only required overnight charging before being ready to use once more. Best of all, the device is magnetically or temporarily bolted to the vehicle, allowing it to be transferred from vehicle to vehicle in support of flexible scheduling.

Additional Support Required

When Inmarsat declared the end-of-life for the ISAT M2M satellite services, planned for December 2020, Sicuro discussed with the client to arrange for the best way to swap the TAM devices for a more modern equivalent. 

Satellite vehicle tracking device for Somalia supply chain and logistics provider

Both parties settled on the Jara, another standalone unit, operating on the newer Inmarsat network as the replacement device. The device is similarly mounted, uses pooled satellite data, and has a long battery life. The only difference being that the Jara uses rechargeable AA batteries, provided with each device. The transition from TAM to Jara was seamless allowing operations to continue as normal.


As the client grows its operations in Somalia and other environments with poor communications infrastructure, Sicuro Technolgy is providing more and more ITV systems to meet the expanding requirements. This enables the client to operate with all vehicles and, just as importantly, client cargo visible at all times along arduous and difficult routes. Sicuro used its extensive experience in ITV, to identify, deliver, monitor and maintain a fit-for-purpose ITV solution for a client operating in one of the most remote countries on Earth. 

The consultative approach and wide range of hardware offerings allow Sicuro Technology the flexibility to provide our clients with industry-leading solutions, no matter where or how they operate.

For more information on Somalia vehicle tracking solutions and more on in-transit visibility, please contact our sales team at

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