Generator Status Monitoring Solution

Sicuro Technology creates a monitoring solution to specifically communicate the status of on-site generators.

Sicuro Technology’s in-house R&D and engineering team designs, deploys and installs a customized solution to enable the facility management team to monitor their assets in real-time and proactively manage their maintenance.

Having been approached by a multinational, MENA-based energy company having issues with maintaining their generators, Sicuro Technology’s engineering team swiftly deployed and installed the solution.

The temperature and status of generators were essential to operations and a monitoring solution was urgently required. The project manager conducted an on-site inspection of the facility and identified a possible solution.

Sicuro Technology deployed a team of two internationally board-certified engineers within the week to conduct installations of their generator M2M solution.

Having a fully qualified and deployable engineering team allows Sicuro Technology to provide clients with rapid on-site installation and support.

Once installed, the client was able to actively monitor all assets on one single platform. Setting up temperature sensors and movement monitors allows clients to instantly identify any irregularities through the system. This enabled preventative maintenance, faster incident response times and the convenience of one monitoring platform for international operations. Our systems ensure there is no deviation from the pre-defined parameters of temperature, operation and security.

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