Transforming Fleet Safety and Performance: Leading Global Engineering Firm Embraces Advanced IVMS Solution in Saudi Arabia

A leading engineering and construction company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia implemented Sicuro's IVMS after significant challenges concerning road traffic accidents and incidents.

8 January 2024

Introduction: A leading engineering and construction company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, faced a significant challenge concerning road traffic accidents and incidents within its fleet of 140 vehicles spread across 7 geographically dispersed remote locations. With no effective means to identify, evidence, and proactively mitigate these issues, the firm sought a solution to enhance the safety of its fleet operations. This article showcases how the deployment of an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) across various vehicle types addressed these challenges, providing valuable insights into driving behaviors, risk areas, and environmental impact. 

Project Overview: The Engineering firm engaged Sicuro’s dedicated team of in-house engineers to successfully install IVMS technology in to more than 20 different types of fleet vehicles across the Kingdom. The objectives were to establish a comprehensive solution that could effectively monitor and manage driving behaviors, identify high-risk areas, contributing to overall fleet safety, as well as measure fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions to meet their ESG commitments.  

Challenges Faced by the Engineering Firm:

  • Lack of means to identify and mitigate road traffic accidents and incidents. 
  • Insufficient tools to proactively address poor driving behaviors. 
  • Inadequate data collection equipment to measure, monitor and control the environmental impact of fleet operations. 


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IVMS Solution Design: Sicuro worked meticulously with the client to design the solution for which the key features include: 

  • Behavior Monitoring: The system monitors, detects and automatically reports poor driving behaviors, enabling the Engineering firm to identify and address issues such as speeding, harsh acceleration, and sudden braking. 
  • Risk Area Identification: Through data capture analysis, the IVMS helps identify routes and operational areas with the highest risks to drivers, allowing the organization to implement targeted safety measures which mitigate financial, asset and property risks. 
  • Environmental Footprint Analysis: Through centralized and comparable fuel consumption and CO2 emission monitoring the solution provides data evidenced insights into the environmental impact of fleet operations. 

Implementation Process: To install and activate the IVMS solution Sicuro’s technicians deployed seamlessly to 7 remote, geographically dispersed project sites across the Kingdom. The team delivered flexible solutions to successfully overcome operational challenges encountered, ensuring the highest standards of installation were met. Sicuro also provided the client with a ‘Train the Trainer’ module, involving desk-top exercises and practical installation training to enable the implementation of a cost-effective client owned equipment maintenance capability. 

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Quarterly Fleet Performance Reports: Sicuro produces comprehensive quarterly fleet performance reports that consolidate an extensive data repository from the fleet into actionable recommendations for improvement, using appropriate visualizations to summarize complex data for management reporting. The data in the reports include: 

  • Best and Worst Drivers Identification: Recognizing drivers with exemplary records and those with the most violations. 
  • Violation Rankings: Highlighting the most frequent violations for targeted improvement efforts. 
  • Fuel Consumption Rankings: Providing insights into fuel efficiency across the fleet. 
  • CO2 Emissions Statistics: Reporting on the environmental impact of fleet operations. 
  • High-Risk areas: A digital map that graphically highlights geographical route vulnerabilities based on violations and incident data.  


Continuous Improvement Strategies: Sicuro’s quarterly reports include actionable recommendations for improvement based on tangible and measurable objectives which allow the firm to proactively prioritize and address emerging issues, enhance safety protocols, and improve overall fleet performance. 

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Results and Benefits: 

  • Improved Safety: The IVMS solution has a two-fold effect to improve safe driving practices: a) drivers are aware they are being monitored and adhere to speed limits and seatbelt usage, b) a formal rewards system to identify and highlight the safest drivers sets an example to incentivize better performance from the other drivers.  
  • Operational Efficiency: By accessing data-driven vehicle performance metrics, maintenance data, and driver behavior data, the business can ensure vehicles are roadworthy for longer to optimize fleet operating cost thresholds.  
  • Environmental Responsibility: Understanding the environmental impact footprint enables the Engineering firm to take steps towards reducing fuel consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions. 

Conclusion: The successful deployment of the IVMS solution exemplifies how advanced monitoring technology can address complex challenges in fleet management. By leveraging real-time data and actionable insights, the firm not only improved safety but also optimized operational efficiencies and demonstrably embraced environmental responsibilities. This case study highlights the importance of proactive solutions in ensuring the well-being of drivers, the integrity of operations, and the sustainability of fleet management practices. 

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