Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Mitigates Significant Financial Losses with Sicuro’s Innovative Tracking Solution

Sicuro Technology's innovative track, trace and respond solution saves heavy machinery manufacturer from significant financial losses in the Middle East.

22 February 2024

A prominent manufacturer of heavy plant machinery used in construction and mining operates a financing branch that offers leasing services to clients. Unlike their European counterparts, the plant deployed in the Middle East region lacks original equipment manufacturer (OEM) GPS trackers due to regional compliance constraints. Consequently, the company has suffered significant financial losses, amounting to millions of USD over the years due to the challenge of recovering stolen assets from clients who fail to fulfill their lease-to-own payments.  

An illustrative incident involved a lease customer transporting two machines from the GCC and altering the serial numbers to render them unidentifiable by authorities. Recognizing the need for a robust solution, Sicuro Technology stepped in with covert GSM-based tracking devices, boasting a multi-year battery life. 

The machines ceased reporting upon entering a second GCC country due to the domestic coverage package initially chosen by the client. From considering the units as write-offs, the client’s apprehension was swiftly addressed by Sicuro Technology’s proactive response. Our team activated data-roaming, enabling the tracking devices to resume pinging their exact locations in the country discreetly. This action allowed our client to pinpoint the machinery’s whereabouts without alerting the current possessors, thus opening avenues for potential recovery.  

Subsequently, the organization initiated communication with the relevant authorities to orchestrate the recovery of their machinery. This timely intervention yielded a substantial saving of $400,000, underscoring the effectiveness of Sicuro Technology’s solution and actions beyond those of a regular “tracking company” in mitigating financial losses and demonstrating tangible ROI. 

For further information on Sicuro’s vehicle tracking technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@sicuro.technology 

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