Indoor Tracking for an Educational Facility in Central Asia

Using Bluetooth technology to track live assets indoors across a university campus.
indoor tracking in a university

For security reasons, there are moments in which it is necessary to have full visibility of all personnel and assets under your supervision. While cellular and satellite tracking provides this visibility in the city, country or on a worldwide scale, it does not always provide the same degree of information in the confines of compounds, buildings or any other environment where cellular or satellite coverage is weak or blocked.

Inspired by logistics and supply chain firms who have been tracking indoor assets for a long time, innovators in other industries started noticing the benefits this technology could bring to their own operations.

From all the types of location tracking and monitoring technologies, perhaps, indoor location tracking is the newest and most versatile. Sicuro Technology’s Real-Time Location Solution (RTLS) has proven applications across a number of industries. Examples include locating assets and patients in healthcare facilities, monitoring the status of machinery in manufacturing and keeping track of students and staff on college campus.

How is indoor tracking used?

As soon as operations involve parts, assets and people that move or that need to be accounted for, the need to monitor them emerges. For example, by recording the historical movement of employees in a manufacturing plant, employers can record with complete accuracy the details of how various task have been performed and reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiencies.

Additionally, managers can be alerted before situations escalate, when personnel and/or assets are outside their predetermined range or when they diverge from their normal route.

After a fatal security incident and in consultation with Sicuro, our client adopted RTLS technology. This solution with BLE technology offers a compelling alternative that can be adapted to almost any industry, improving operations, safety and inventory management, or any combination thereof.

Paired with RTLS’ web-based (cloud) dashboards and continuously updated reporting, this technology allows facility managers, operations and maintenance personnel to easily identify problems, understand their causes and address them immediately.

Furthermore, the benefit of tracing immense quantity of data presents the perfect opportunity for enterprise to continue building smart building, communities, malls, and businesses.

Applied Industries

  • Energy
  • Extractive
  • Government
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

How exactly does this technology collect data and identify issues?

Sicuro Technology’s BLE technology sends signals to Bluetooth devices and gateways to identify the precise location of each device or badge.

These gateways receive signals – including battery life and other sensor data – and sends it to the cloud via WiFi. When outside the predefined threshold for a specific parameter, users will be notified.

Additionally, the cloud will provide actionable statistics of sensors output, device status and location history.

Beyond improving the visibility of assets and people, RTLS will boosts the accuracy of operation forecasting the ability to predict consumer trends and behaviour through data collection.

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