Recovery of a stolen FMCG vehicle in Kenya, using Sicuro Technology’s IVMS

A leading global FMCG company utilized Sicuro's IVMS for the recovery of a stolen vehicle in Mombasa.

6 October 2022

A leading global FMCG firm with thousands of light and heavy vehicles throughout Africa uses Sicuro’s In Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) for its daily tracking, vehicle management, fleet management and communications needs. When an unexpected theft occurred in Mombasa, Kenya, remote management technology was quickly utilised to immobilize and recover the stolen vehicle.  

The FMCG pickup vehicle was fitted with Sicuro’s Apollo device, a discreet, hard-wired cellular GPS device with panic, external sensors (temperature, movement and lock) and immobilization features. This provided complete fleet management support and allowed Sicuro Technnology’s Global Assistance Center (GAC) team to respond and remotely configure the device when needed.  


1343H: The FMCG control room contacted Sicuro’s GAC, to advise that the vehicle was missing from their compound and requested for it to be immobilized.



1345H: Over-the-air immobilization commands were sent.


1357H: Sicuro’s GAC spoke to the FMCG Control Room, informing them of the last known location and status of the vehicle using the SicuroTrack™ platform. Ignition and Panic were showing as off, 12.80V external voltage reading, with GPS fix and online.


image006 2.0

1849H Sicuro’s 24/7 Global Assistance Center continued to monitor the vehicle. Still no signs of movement after the immobilisation command was sent.

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1851H The FMCG client confirmed that their security team were in the process of recovering the vehicle.



The next day 

0720H Sicuro’s GAC received an update from the FMCG client that the vehicle had been recovered successfully. The client requested re-activation, which Sicuro’s GAC handled remotely, sending a re-mobilization command to the device. It was then confirmed with the FMCG control room and the SicuroTrack™ platform that the vehicle ignition was active.

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Sicuro Technology's IVMS for Fleet Management and Asset Protection

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