Cutting 46% of Fuel Costs for an Oil and Gas Company, Iraq

Creating fuel efficiencies of 46% for an Oil and Gas client in Iraq using vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions.

An Oil and Gas operator in Iraq with a fleet of 80 vehicles wanted to improve their fleet’s efficiency. Installing Diablo dual-mode GPS tracking devices into each vehicle and connecting them to SicuroTrack™, Sicuro Technology was able to measure and reduce monthly fuel costs by 46%.

Getting the solution up and running

Sicuro Technology deployed a team of internationally board-certified engineers to complete the device installation in-country. Once the installation was complete and connected to SicuroTrack™, the client’s team was trained and vehicle data collection could begin. 

Diablo II Tracking Device Features:
  • Dual-mode operation (GSM/Cellular and Satellite)
  • Driver accountability
  • Driver behavior monitoring (speeding, braking, acceleration, cornering, etc.)
  • Idling alerts
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Seatbelt monitoring
  • Panic/SOS
  • Remote immobilization
Identifying the issue

Sicuro Technology worked with the newly trained fleet management team to identify where the most immediate cost-saving could be achieved – fuel efficiency.

Typical Causes of Fuel Inefficiency
  • Excessive idling
  • Harsh driving
  • Lack of route management
  • Theft or pilferage
Evaluating Fleet Operations

Sicuro Technology’s technical support team investigated the engine hour reports to source data on idling, movement, and operational hours from each vehicle in the fleet. The reports were analyzed with the fleet manager over an initial three-month period.

  • The fleet burned $26,000 in fuel over three months due to idling.
  • The top 10 contributing vehicles were burning $4,000 of fuel unproductively every month.
  • From the top 10 vehicles, the majority were idling for over 75% of their total operating time.
  • 38% of the fleet were idling for more than 90% of their operating time. 
Graph 2 03

All too often, In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) are under-used to provide fleet managers or operations managers with a simple GPS position of their vehicles on a live map. While this function is incredibly useful, it’s only a fraction of an IVMS solution’s capability. A top-tier IVMS solution is a much more powerful tool that provides an array of operational vehicle data for easy extraction and analysis. If used effectively, IVMS solutions can help fleet managers deliver significant cost savings that otherwise may be overlooked or go unnoticed.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) Benefits
  • Driver behavior monitoring reduces Road Traffic Accidents and decreases fleet maintenance costs.
  • Engine usage reports identify wasteful operations and enable reductions in servicing and maintenance costs.
  • C02 emissions data can help an organization understand its carbon footprint and take steps toward being carbon neutral.
  • Fuel data provides clear indicators of efficient use or possible theft.
  • Asset location and immobilization features allow for better chances of recovery from unauthorized use.
  • Installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key fobs increases driver accountability and reduces the risk of unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Client site geofences can automatically alert users to out-of-hours or out-of-bounds operation of vehicles and machinery.
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