Sicuro Technology Wins Motorola Award for New Vertical Development

Sicuro Technology celebrates Motorola award for success in providing high-quality radio solutions.

Sicuro Technology wins a Motorola Solutions award for ‘New Vertical Development in the Security Sector.’ The award was presented at Motorola’s Middle East channel partner conference in 2016.

Being a leading provider of communications solutions, Sicuro Technology is a proud Motorola Partner and is delighted to be recognized for its efforts in providing high-quality Motorola communication networks throughout 2015.

Sicuro Technology won the Motorola Solutions Award for “New Vertical Development in the Security Sector”. The award was presented at Motorola’s Middle East channel partner conference 2016.

“Everyone at Sicuro Technology is honored and delighted to receive the award. The entire team, including engineers, technicians and managers has worked together to develop high levels of radio expertise. I am very pleased with the team, everyone has done really well” said Scott Wilcox, CEO of Sicuro.

We have worked with Motorola to develop Sicuro Technology’s capabilities. We have built a strong in-house engineering team of Motorola certified, deployable engineers. We look forward to continuing to support oil, gas, and government projects and assisting new clients in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout Africa.”

Sicuro Technology has been a channel partner of Motorola since 2014 and employs more Motorola technical associates than any other Motorola partner in the region.

The secret to Sicuro Technology’s Motorola success

Sicuro Technology provides specialist satellite and radio solutions to clients in austere and low-infrastructure environments. The main driver behind the award lies in the strength of our electronic engineering and in-house R&D team. This along with prompt, reliable and courteous 24/7 customer support has led to clients leaning towards Sicuro Technology as their main provider as opposed to other channels.

Sicuro Technology’s key radio projects over the last year have included the provision of Motorola systems to major oil and gas firms and private security companies. Sicuro Technology regularly designs, delivers and installs vehicle, handheld and base radio solutions for multinational companies operating in austere and complex environments across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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